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Helium Inflated Blimp, Reflex Blue (PMS 280) - 22'L x 7.5'Dia.

# BLP-0722-0280-NP 20 day production time$1648.15 - $1825.00 | Min Qty 1

We are one of the most prominent suppliers of helium blimps also referred to as helium inflatables. Helium blimps can be often seen at trade shows, promotional exhibits, marketing displays, parades, and retail fronts to attract attention. Helium blimps serve as excellent modes of advertising or promoting an event, products, brand name, sales, and business.

The best aspect about these inflatable blimps is they can be seen from a faraway distance depending upon their size and the height at which they are flown. Custom helium blimps provided by us are offered in fabulous designs and can be made in different sizes and colors as demanded by our clients. In fact, our experts are there to guide you regarding the best-suited option.

The advertising blimps are made in a PVC material. PVC is lighter weight and less expensive than Nylon or coated Nylons. To ensure that the helium blimps have a steady and smooth flight, we design our helium blimps in a special aerodynamic shape.

Our entire range of inflatable airship balloon come with high quality and easy to use the filling port. All you need to do is to take the advertising blimp out of the box, fill it with helium gas (not provided), and attach it to an anchor point and your helium blimps are ready to be flown. We also provide instructions that further helps our client to know about the correct quantity of helium that needs to be filled in, the proper way of filling it, proper caring for the helium blimps, where to buy the helium from, and other such relevant information.

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